Keyboard through Options for SetPoints XYZ


being able to change axis options from keyboard in setPoints XYZ

Thanks «Randy

Added to the wish-list. Logged in MR-1481.

if you use the dashed version -SetPt, it can be controlled via keyboard.

I suppose I should reset my Alias for this, but I seem to use it more with Middle pop-up.

The SetPt dialog is a standard OS X dialog and not a command options dialog or panel.

Microsoft provides a standard way to assign keyboard shortcuts to each control and this is built into MSWindows:

Apple does not provide the exact same facility, so Dan’s wish-list item to imitate the Windows dialog behavior is not possible. Apple provides a quite different way to get keyboard access to dialog controls. Use System Preferences > Accessibility >Full Keyboard Access to turn all keyboard navigation to all controls, then use Tab, Space, and Arrow keys to change values in the dialog controls.

Alternatively, you can follow Jeff’s suggestion and use Preferences > Commands to change the macro for the Set XYZ coordinates to use the dashed version of the SetPt command.

Seems like a better solution is to rewrite the SetPt command on Mac to use “CRhinoGet” type classes. This would make the automatically generated user interface look the same as the current floating SetPt dialog, but placed where all the other command option controls typically show up.