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You can try this quick script hack… If the viewport is neither in wireframe or shaded (like say ghosted), it will set it to wireframe. It could also be changed to just ignore your request if the viewport is in neither of the two modes…


Option Explicit
'Script by Mitch Heynick ©
'Version 3 February, 2014

Call ToggleWireframeShaded()
Sub ToggleWireframeShaded()
	Dim currView, currDMode
	currView = Rhino.CurrentView()
	currDMode = Rhino.ViewDisplayMode(currView)
	If Not IsNull(currDMode) Then
		If currDMode = 0 Then
			Call Rhino.ViewDisplayMode(currView, 1)
		ElseIf currDMode = 1 Then
			Call Rhino.ViewDisplayMode(currView, 0)
			'Current view mode is neither wireframe or shaded
			'Set view to Wireframe mode
			Call Rhino.ViewDisplayMode(currView, 0)
		End If		
	End If
End Sub
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