Keyboard Shortcuts/Aliases not appearing in Undo/Command History

I have keyboard Shortcuts for going to wireframe/shaded mode as F1 and F2. Sometimes, ctrl+z for undo undoes the display mode change. But sometimes it doesn’t as well. I’m trying to replicate it now but can’t.

Does anybody else have experience of this? I swear undo has undone my display mode changes before. How annoying that it chooses to behave perfectly now…

I don’t think Undo works with View Display Modes at all, that would actually be quite annoying.
It does work with per-Object display mode assignments. Any chance that’s what you were experiencing?
(via SetObjectDisplayMode)


It must be a very specific command/route that does it. Because there have definitely been cases I’ve noticed it and yeah been annoyed by it. Should’ve made a note of it at the time rather than after the fact!

Yeah per object I would understand and it’s something much more ‘deliberate’ as a step that you would expect to undo.