Keyboard input goes to Rhino in stead of Grasshopper


For some scripts after using it for a short while the keyboard input is send to Rhino in stead of Grasshopper. For example if I use hotkeys or change a slider the input shows up in the command line of Rhino. I have to restart Rhino to fix it, but is happens again and again. What could cause this or how can I solve it?

It seems to happens more often when using an second screen or remote desktop.



Not sure what your scripts do but I have a similar situation:

I’m using keyboard shortcuts and Elefront to bake geometry. When baking into a shaded viewport, the cursor goes from GH to Rhino because Rhino has to create render meshes. My solution is to bake into a wireframe viewport.

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I often double click the GH canvas to type and the text goes to the Rhino command line. I don’t know why the focus keeps switching to Rhino despite working in GH but it often does.


When this happens, I use the corresponding menu items, if possible, until it become too exasperating. Closing and reopening Rhino will restore normal functioning – until next time.

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Happens often also to me.
I think it’s because the keyboard is listened by rhino, mainly. Grasshopper starts picking keyboard inputs only when you have a text input form active.
For example with double-click it opens the GH search tool, but if you input a key too early, rhino get it and the search function close.
We should just learn to start the search function with the bar space :sweat_smile:
Anyway the problem also occur in different situations.

If it is not problem sharing them, do so.
Scripts can do anything, it’s hard to tell. It’s easy to break gh/rhino UI with scripts.
Best fix for your problem would be to edit those scripts.