Keyboard bug GH-to-Rhino

So I initially posted this topic nearly five years ago. Other than noticing that many people have the same problem, I haven’t really been following this post because this solution seems to work, if you are using two monitors:

  1. Have Rhino maximized on one monitor (for me, it’s my primary monitor)
  2. Have Grasshopper open but NOT maximized on the second screen. Instead, manually stretch the GH window large - nearly to maximum size, but not quite.
    Doing this, I can’t remember the last time GH froze. There are times when a command I’m typing does not seem to be working within GH, but then I realize that I’ve inadvertently clicked in Rhino, or started a command in Rhino, and Rhino is still expecting me to finish that command (which is why GH won’t respond). ESC is the easy fix, and back to GH I go.
    Hope this helps.