Keeping view in the viewport fixed



I was looking for the way of keeping the orientation of the view in the current viewport fixed.
For example I would like to keep top view fixed - so if there is an attempt of rotating the view - it is not happening.

However zooming operations should be allowed.

Any hint as for the most logical solution?


(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi Dmitriy,

There is nothing in the Rhino SDK that you can set that will force a viewport to work in this manner.

If you were working in C++, then you could implement a display conduit and override it’s CRhinoDisplayConduit::NotifyConduit virtual function so you could be notified when the view projection changed.

Why do you need to control this?


Thanks Dale,

I am trying to introduce a graph with the dynamic time scale.
This means that I define max distance in pixels that should be between division lines (interval)
To draw actual lines I am converting pixels to Rhino units
Every time when viewport is changing (scaling or rotating) - physical distance is changing and interval becomes smaller or bigger. I assume when scaling - it is no problem, interval will change smoothly, however when rotating - it can change rather suddenly.

Anyway thanks for help. I will think how to simplify it a bit.