Keeping view in the viewport fixed


I was looking for the way of keeping the orientation of the view in the current viewport fixed.
For example I would like to keep top view fixed - so if there is an attempt of rotating the view - it is not happening.

However zooming operations should be allowed.

Any hint as for the most logical solution?


Hi Dmitriy,

There is nothing in the Rhino SDK that you can set that will force a viewport to work in this manner.

If you were working in C++, then you could implement a display conduit and override it’s CRhinoDisplayConduit::NotifyConduit virtual function so you could be notified when the view projection changed.

Why do you need to control this?

Thanks Dale,

I am trying to introduce a graph with the dynamic time scale.
This means that I define max distance in pixels that should be between division lines (interval)
To draw actual lines I am converting pixels to Rhino units
Every time when viewport is changing (scaling or rotating) - physical distance is changing and interval becomes smaller or bigger. I assume when scaling - it is no problem, interval will change smoothly, however when rotating - it can change rather suddenly.

Anyway thanks for help. I will think how to simplify it a bit.