Keeping track of the attribute changes in the Properties Panel

There is one slightly* (based on how many times it happens to you) irritating behavior of the Properties panel.

Let’s say that I want to model something fairly freely but keep one eye on the attribute changes of my shape - for example, a Volume.

Because sub-objects such as polysurface faces don’t have “Attribute User Text”, Properties panel keeps on resetting and showing sub-panel “Object”.
After every time, I select an object which doesn’t have “Attribute User Text” or other specific sub-panel (eg. Curve Piping, Material, Texture Mapping), Properties panel resets.

I don’t know what would be the best solution for all cases, but maybe those sub-objects should not reset what is being shown for objects, or maybe the object “Attribute User Text” should be shown the whole time, but grayed out?

Hi Jakub - one way out, sidestepping the problem rather than dealing with it, for now, is to add some text that points to the user text -

Volume tracker.3dm (54.2 KB)

There is a dedicated Volume text field but I used the atttribute user text here in case you wanted to track other things.


Thanks, Pascal

Good idea with the text field.

Of course, this problem (at least with the case of Volume) could be easily workaround also by Grasshopper and publishing GH Panel to the Remote Panel or by simply displaying data inside the viewport.
My goal was more to point out this slight inconvenience inside Properties Panel.

Generally, I would like to see more flexible/customized Properties Panel, but this is a bigger topic.