Keeping file sizes down on projects with many meshes

I am currently working on an auditorium within a project and we received a digital model of the seats we will be using. The model is a mesh, and due to the large number of seats in the auditorium the file size is quickly becoming quite high. I have cleaned the mesh up to remove unneeded parts and booleaned other parts to minimize that, and I join all the seat’s into one mesh, but the size is still a little large. I’m guessing that this is something that will always result in a large file size, but I just wanted to check if anyone had any more advice on the matter.

Are you instancing the seat or do you copy it?

I am using a grasshopper definition to place them en masse. Now that you mention the blocks, I am looking into making the definition work with blocks though. If you have any advice, I would greatly appreciate it, but I understand this isn’t the grasshopper section.

I haven’t tried the scripts in it, but this discussion seems like it would be helpful to you: Flow 3d object in upright 90° on srf

Also, it sounds like you’d have to use scripts to bake blocks directly from Grasshopper: .

That topic about blocks in GH is pretty old. Try Human(HDT Utilities) (Human on Food4Rhino).

Wow, thanks Hannes. Somehow I’ve never looked into Human - sounds very useful!