Keep straight lines using CageEdit

Hi! Im making a 3D pattern made of a group of surfaces, each module corresponds to square grid, and now i have to make them fit on a deformed grid. Im trying to use CageEdit but it makes curved edges on the surfaces.

This is the module, corresponding to a square

And this is the same module, stretched with CageEdit, but how can i keep the edges straight?

The best results were obtained by joining the surfaces that made up the module, since otherwise it was deformed and each face would lose its original shape

Hello- please post a file with the starting objects.


CageEdit Module.3dm (162.7 KB)

Hello- try this:

  1. Get the edges as lines. (Turn off isocurves and `ExtractWireframe’
  2. CageEdit the lines with PreserveStructure=Yes
  3. When it gets to be something you like, make a Mesh object MeshFromLines Then ToNURBS.


It is the same to use dupborder instead of turning of isocurves and the using extractwireframe?

Hello- that should (DupFaceBorder)work as well - some edges will be there twice.