Keep object steady when animating vew

I have an animation, where the view change - a bit like a walkthrough. I wish to add an additional object, like a clock or a logo, which will remain steady in its place (eg bottom corner) while the animation plays. What is the best way to achieve that? I suppose I could play around with the object and resize/rotate as the animation view progresses, but I hope there is an easier way.

I experimented with Layouts, as they allow for a superimposition (the logo) that is different from the main picture, but then the view animation does not work. The objects are animated fine, but the view animation is not working. Is there a way to animate views inside a layout? That would solve the problem easily.

Many thanks!

If it is some on-screen display type of logo/clock (like on television) Iā€™d animate that overlay separately (with transparency) and composite the two animations in a video editor.

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