Keep mapping texture with the "flow" command

thanks for all the help!

Workflow for quite a while has been to just map flat straps with UV, mesh and then flow.
Rhino 6 stopped doing this so I keep going back to to Rhino 5 which keeps UV planar mapping intact which can even be remaped later in other render software.
A great time saver!
I’m still not losing hope that it can be done in R6 or R7.

Cylinder mapping occurs sometimes, but are a minor headache and is better avoided…

@BrianJ I will send you over the .3dm file!

thanks again!

I just saw you test file and could replicate the same behaviour:

Flow has to be done after meshing (pack texture).
Yes, you need more subdivision.

Rhino 5 does the flow perfectly!
UV info seem to be baked into mesh indeed. Joined mesh or seperated. doesn’t matter.
In Rhino 6 and 7 this doesn’t seem to be the case.

FLOW RHINO 5.3dm (166.6 KB)

Use the Bake command to do what you want here. The Bake command bakes the texture mapping into a new image file which then gets used as a new material. So the workflow is…

  • Planar map the polysrf from the Top
  • Run Bake on the polysrf and save out a 2048x2048 bmp image
  • Mesh the polysrf
  • Use Flow on that mesh

This thread is a bit old now, but I came across this while trouble-shooting something similar. The best way I’ve found to keep the UV mapping on a mesh for the “FlowAlongSrf” command is to mesh the surface and then export the mesh as an FBX. Then import the FBX and “FlowAlongSrf”.

Hope this helps anyone running into a similar issue. :slight_smile: