Keep DATA TREE structure and remove branches (tricky..)

Hi there,

I have a tricky data tree operation. I’m using meerkat to get data information for a site modeling. In one tree I get the height values as separate branches (9078 branches). In the other I got the polylines contours of buildings as separate branches (9078 branches). The problem is, there is some duplicate geometries in these polylines countours that I removed and end up with 3291 branches…

How can I keep same number of branches in the polylines countours tree (so 9078) and replacing all the suppressed item with a « null » value ?

(see below to download meerkat file to link. I’m sorry I can’t internalize data (option greyed out :confused:)) (16.1 KB) (1.4 MB)

so no one have an idea ?

I figure it out…

I don’t have Meerkat, so I can’t open your definition. But it seems to me that you should just be able to flatten your vector output for your building height and feed it into a List Item component that’s just copied from the last one you have in your polyline filter.

One thing to do that’s helpful when you’re asking questions is to remove as many components that use plug-ins. Here you could do it by internalizing your data from the Meerkat component…

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I didn’t even think about that !! thanks.

I will open a new post with data internalized ! is till have a major issue