Keep contours after shrinking - Help

Hi, I read many posts but I did not find a perfect solution. I want to make an inlay in a guitar neck, but the wood milling must be 0.3 mm larger than the piece to be inserted. Normally I would have solved with the “offset” function but it does not give good results, neither 3d, 2d, 1d scales, nor “boxedit”.

Can you help me? Thanks


Offset is what you want - but when the contour is very complex, it may not always work well. However, from your image where every segment fails to trim at the corners, it seems like either the contour isn’t a joined curve but rather grouped - or maybe it’s not planar… or maybe just too many points. Post the curve in question so someone can look…

Hello - CurveBoolean on the offsets should get you the curve you want, I think.


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Thanks for the reply, but I can’t get this result.

Without the Rhino file, it’s difficult to know what’s going wrong or what kind of other advice to give…

I wish I could make an exact contour but at a larger / smaller size.

Yes, I think we all understood that, however an image is not useful to diagnose the problem, only a rhino file will help if you want anyone to test.

Not to mention the issue may be further complicated by the toolpathing (CAM) software.
One could spend time getting this to work in Rhino only to find kerf errors may result in a further round of modification.

No problem with the file, I’m trying to shrink the base image to create the cnc toolpath. The design must be optimized very well, because for the contour I use 0.6mm mill with the engraving option. I was hoping there was a script for that.

So you are using the offsets from Rhino to create the toolpath directly, then importing it to your CAM program?

Thanks for the tips, I would still like to have a script so I can get the results from the pictures above, without losing the details.