Keep Commands Active?

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is there an option like keep command active as for instance while connecting curves, that i dont have to reinitiate the space bar or right mouse for the same command many times in a row?

i often find myself hammering the spacebar which is a great tool to repeat last commands, but in case i need that plenty of times it would be great to have an option which keeps the command running or maybe even better to finish the command with a separate key like shift or cmd not having to click an extra button in the beginning each time.

the same would also be VERY helpful for drawing several single lines for example. hammering the spacebar after each separate line is just not sufficient and keeping the command active would highly accelerate and free the process.

Type Repeat or ‘*’ before running the command… You can also make macros/toolbar buttons with this.
HTH, --Mitch

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thanks Mitch, thats a very neat trick. but having this as a standard not having to macro it would be even more helpful. since it seems that i have to reinitiate the repeat command for each further command. that means when i want to move from lines to connect for instance i have to initiate repeat and then type the command line which i have to type in full length even… which means its helpful when you have to draw or connect 100 lines but for dynamic changes where you connect and draw “only” 10 lines its rather complicated.

So what so you propose doing instead?

@brian thanks for peeping in, thinking about how this could work sufficient not to make too much of an extra effort for not using it, i guess the suggested line above would provide a fast solution.

or at least to have a checkbox which could be implemented if not everywhere, but at least in those commands which would require such a fast option like single lines, connect, etc…

when i now think about it the command copy has that already implemented. the command does not quit each time after copying but keeps active till i finish it.

I wonder which commands most people would like to see auto-repeat. It sounds like line is a good first guess? Certainly not Options or Undo or Delete!

If you store the macro in a toolbar button or as an alias, you won’t have to do this

I don’t see you having to type full length, I get auto-complete with *li for lines here anyway. But again, I would just create macros and store them as aliases or toolbar buttons.


yes line would be a great start, rather then polyline i believe but even there it could be useful somtimes, but those which are rare still could be done with the repeat command which Mitch suggested.

connect might be good either and generally those commands which one would use for cleaning up or processing line drawings, not so many actually, so why not giving them all an option with on as a selectable default?

sure undo or delete is not really helpful there are faster options to process this functions.

hey Mitch,

on mac, the asterisk doesn’t work… so you have to run Repeat then type of the whole command name.

it seems like it will work, typing * in the command search appears valid and commands will auto complete after the asterisk but, the command doesn’t actually run in repeating fashion.


I’m away from Rhino at the moment. Isn’t there an auto repeat list in the options dialog - so you can tell Rhino to repeat commands you repeat most often?

yeah… well, I hope you guys will catch up soon… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I guess the temporary solution is to set up aliases with _Repeat ...


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idk, i’m of the mindset that if i’m going to be using a repeating command then typing the whole command name is still a timesaver… not meaning to say there’s no room for further speedups, just that Repeat is pretty good as is.

What I was suggesting was for something like Repeat Line to create an alias like LinesAGoGo or LotsOLines… You can still type the whole thing if you like… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Seriously I would do something like “LLL” )


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We sort of had this discussion a few days ago. I would like to see a repeat button or check or option right in the command dialogue box. Like I want to repeat this 2 rail sweep 10 times and it just loops through so all you have to do is click the curves or edges for example.

exactly, another option


@Helvetosaur the aliases work sure great you can even define each kind of line as such, but thats also where the problem starts. i would not only have to make an alias for every single command i would like to repeat just to have it handy, but also for each separate kind of line like both sides, normal, angled etc…, the same for circle or whatever since its not possible to just make a repeat and line and choose then a repeating both sides… it stops after each line which breaks the sense of the repeating command. so all together thats just a huge amount of aliases, even if i keep it simple and address only the most used commands… so whats it for if i have to sit for 2 hours and make 100 aliases just to have them ready for any case?

if that could be implemented as a standard for each command that would be rather a relieve for the many who use repeating commands not having everybody to fiddle around for ever.

@brian i checked some older windows rhino version 4. something, could not find it maybe its just me. not sure why @dale changed the category to rhino for mac but maybe he is right? is there such an option in the current windows version?