Karamba script Rhino 5 to Rhino 6 error

Hi Karamba Team,

I’ve just switched from Rhino 5 to 6 and updated Karamba to the newest version. However, my Karamba script does not work properly anymore. The Large Deformation Analysis in combination with initial strain loads shows no deformed (formfinding) results. Do you perhaps know what to do?

I’ve allready updated the script with the updated components. The version with the old components does not work either in Rhino 6. Both scripts are attached.

Best, Tom Godthelp
Karamba Error (new Karamba components).gh (47.1 KB) Karamba Error (old Karamba components).gh (50.5 KB)

Hi @tomgodthelp,

can you please let us know which version of Karamba you were using to create the old definition so that we can try to recreate your problem.


Hi @matttam,

Thanks for your reply! I’m not sure which version that was since I reinstalled my computer and do not know how to find which Karamba version I was using. However, I can still see that the Karamba installation folder was installed on 26-09-2015. The .gha file of Karamba was installed on 20-10-2016. Perhaps you can relate this to the Karamba version of that time?


hi @tomgodthelp,
thanks for your bug report! There seems to be something wrong in the LargeDeformation procedure of Karamba3d 1.3.2.
I will try to locate the problem but it might take some time since I am on workshop this week.

Hi @karamba3d, Clemens,

Thank you! Hope it’s an easy fix. Otherwise I think I’d need to install an older version.

Best, Tom

PS. The attached version 2 with the new Karamba components has grafted inputs at the strain load to combine the right strain with load ID. I saw that the data structure has been slightly changed in the new Karamba version causing wrong Id assignment in combination with my own script. This version should work I think when the bug is fixed.

Karamba Error (new Karamba components V2).gh (45.9 KB)

Hi @tomgodthelp,
I found the bug: strain- and temperature loads were ignored in the large deformation analysis.
A corrected official build of Karamba3D 1.3.2. will be out soon.

Thanks @karamba3d!

I’ll install the new version and let you know if it works!