Karamba - Moving Information Through Python Node

Hi there,

I’m using Karamba as part of a parametric structural design tool.

I’m trying to choose between two support types depending on a simple true or false variable.
I tried writing a python code using a simple IF statement:

However, the support information changes when going through the python node:

Is there a simple way to achieve what I am trying to accomplish?
I’m not an expert in either grasshopper or Karamba!
Appreciate if anyone can give me any assistance with my problem.

Thank You

I think it’s related to the automatic unwrapping of GH_Goo<T>

This could work: make the IF statements using Python to output 0 or 1 and use a Stream Filter component to select what sort of support is used.

The problem is caused by the missing wrapper, see the attached definition.
Karamba3d_PythonWrapper.gh (4.7 KB)

Hi Thanks for your help.
I tried running the definition you attached however I get the following error:

Not sure why this is?
I think this solution will be very relevant to a few other scenarios in my script so appreciate the advice.

What happens when you write

y = Karamba.Supports.GH_Support()


What version of Karamba do you use?


Hi Clemens,

I’m current running Grasshopper 9.0076 and Rhino 5 with Karamba 1.2.2

When I remove the input ’ x’ I get the following error:


it’s hard for me to guess what’s wrong since I can not reproduce the error on my machine.
The exception comes from the panel, so ‘karamba.Support.GH_Support’ is basically available. It seems like ‘x’ has the wrong type, however ‘Support’ is the correct type. That is strange.

Try to unhook the ‘Memory load *.GHA assembliew…’-option under the ‘Grasshopper Developer settings’.

Do you get the same behavior with Karamba 1.3.0?