Karamba Load - Assemble Model Error

I have several Load components in my script. However there is one that is when connected to “Assemble Model”, it gives an error “The given key was not present in dictionary” as show below

Currently running on Karamba 2.2.0 build 16, however I have the same script running on Karamba 1.3.3 and did not have this problem on the same model.

I guess my problem is that the error message wasn’t really helpful and I am not sure where the problem might come from so if anyone can point me in the direction would be appreciated. As this stage is toward the end of a large script so it would not be possible to attach the script here.

Hi, can you please share the definition as we cannot see where the issue might lie.

Hi Matthew,

I finally located the issue which came from the vector input. Please take a look at the attached file.

Karamba Load Error.gh (126.8 KB)

Hi, can you describe the issue. I do not see the error when I open your script.

Hello @user1986,
thanks for reporting the problem!
It is a bug in Karamba3D which occurs in case of Mesh-loads with zero length load-vector.
It will be fixed in the next service-release of Karamba3D.
– Clemens

Thank you Clemens, I should have noticed this zero length vector :sweat_smile: