Karamba installed via packageManager

I’ve installed the KarambeGH plugin version from the packageManger in Rhino 7.
The latest karamba version listed here: Download – Karamba3D is 1.3.3.

When i enquire about the Karamba License in GH it shows i have Karamba3D installed.
This date appears to correspond the this WIP: Release Karamba3D · karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds · GitHub

Please note that in the Package Manager i have not ticked the include pre-releases box.

Is it possible to update the package manager listings to honor the prerelease checkbox, and include the non WIP versions?

Hi, at the moment the Package Manager only allows you to install the 2.0.0 WIP version of Karamba. This has not been implemented for 1.3.3.