Karamba - how to create different thickness for different shells / meshes

I have a set of surfaces that I am meshing and using to create shells for analysis in karamba.
In order to have the nodes align I am using the mesh brep component in karamba.
I am not sure though how to isolate certain of the original surfaces though to create different shell thicknesses as the meshing breaks them down into triangles and it is no longer simple to say meshes from original surface “a” be 2 mm and meshes from original surface “b” be 4 mm… or at least it may be simple but I’m not sure how…
any advice is appreciated. Thanks!!! Ethan

Hard to tell without a file. You can create separate meshes dedicated for different thickness (separate mesh fr each group).
If you got these on one list you could use, for example, “list item” or “dispatch” to separate these.
Then you should use different IDs for each thickness group and assign these to corresponding materials with different thicknesses