Karamba Deformation Energy Component - 2050 elements input, 2046 values given?

Hi there,

I recently posted a topic on this matter but the case remains very much open! I’m hoping someone here could shed some light on the issue…

Basically, I have designed a tower in grasshopper, and I’m extracting structural element data using karamba. Yet I am encountering a persistant issue when using the Karamba deformation energy component; the component returns a number of values which is inferior to the number of elements introduced into it.

For ex: I want the deformation energy of 2050 beams and get a list of 2046 values in return.

Does anyone know if some sort of filter is applied by the component? I have no 0-length elements in my model but I do have some very small ones (1mm) which may be causing the issue?

Files: https://we.tl/FDiGqvElmi

Many thanks in advance for any assistance, it’s greatly appreciated!

This may not solve the problem, but it is adviced to not send data through text panels. Bad things can happen.

Best practice is to connect ports directly to their intended end targets and divert/branch off wires to text panels only for display purposes.

// Rolf

Hmm…good advice, noted! Thanks.
In this case however, it appears to be the deformation component itself which is problematic; hovering the mouse arrow over the Model input toggle, the right amount of elements appears, however, do the same for the Ax-Energy output toggle and the number of values is already below the number anticipated.
In short, the number of values is already “corrupted” before even entering the “Trim-Flip-ListItem-Panel” part of my definition.

Hi @nathan.stuckey

If you have elements less than 5mm long they will automatically be deleted and the nodes will be connected. You can use the LDist input in the LineToBeam and AssembleModel components to control this tolerance. This is the reason why you have less elements in your model than your original geometry.