Karamba cloud based

I really like to use Karamba3D in my projects. In feature projects I would like to use some of its functionality also outside grasshopper. For example the utilization node of Karamba3D. Is a cloud version of Karamba3d with an API on the roadmap of the development of Karamba3D?

:slight_smile: Interesting, usually people avoid cloud solutions due to fear.

Are you the owner of your company, and are your clients aware their products will be uploaded to cloud servers of 3rd party companies, being it software developer or not?

Hi all,

you can refer to our Github page - https://github.com/karamba3d/K3D_tests - on developments on using Karamba3D outside of Rhino/Grasshopper.

@robinvdhave support for Karamba 3D is coming to ShapeDiver, this might be interesting to you

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