Karamba - change shell 3d 'preview'


Question, is there a possibility to change/modify the ‘3d preview’ of a shell?
Default it yellow and not translucent.

Any suggestion how to change the colour and opacity?
2021-11-07 karamba change shell colour.gh (66.9 KB)


Hi @GH-KN,
in Karamba3D 2.2.0 (see here) you can switch in the ShellView-component between ‘Cross section’ and ‘Thickness’. The former option will show the shell translucent, the latter the thickness as colors:image
– Clemens


Thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I dont have that version. (and I dont want to switch (yet) because it would mean also some other changes in the script.

I tried the ‘custom preview’ command, but unfortunately that does not work.
Especially making it translucent, is of interest to me :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


if you deconstruct the mesh and reconstruct but without the colours, then you will use the default (standard is translucent red) grasshopper shading colours. Then the custom preview will work.

alternatively you can clear the vertex-colors using a small script:

private void RunScript(Mesh MeshIn, ref object MeshOut)
MeshOut = MeshIn;

– Clemens


Thank you very much that sounds like the solution :slight_smile:
Unfortunatly I am not a scripting expert (I only know grasshopper quit well).
Eould it be possible that add the scripts in my GH file below?

2021-11-16 Change Karamba preview color and translucency.gh (25.2 KB)

Thanks again, very much!