Karamba 3d for Mac

Hi, I tried to download a test version of Karamba3D for Mac, but I get this error when trying to upload the license:
“Grasshopper can not find a suitable version of ‘karamba.dll’. Check whether you use Karama3D 64bit with Rhino 5 64bit (it has 64 in its program name) and Karamba3D 32 bit with all other Rhino versions. Try to uninstall and reinstall Karamba. If this does not help check out the trouble shooting section of the manual.”
I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled it and I’m using Rhino 7.
Could someone help me? Thanks!

Hi @Marla_Kohli,
this error message means that the C++ part of Karamba3D refuses to run for some reason.
It is strange because on the MAC the Karamba3D dynamic link library comes with all dependencies installed in the ‘libraries’ folder of the installation directory.
A diagnosis from afar is difficult in this case.
What version of MAC OS do you use? If it is an outdated version an update could help.
– Clemens

Hi Clemens
Thanks for your answer! I’m using macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6, is this to old?

Hello @Marla_Kohli,
I am not very familiar with the Max OS versions. For compiling Karamba3D 2.2.0 on the MAC I used the OS-version of summer 2022.
– Clemens