Karamba - 2050 Elements, but only 2046 deformation energy values output?

Hi there,

I’m experiencing a minor issue with Karamba. When I attempt to extract the deformation energies of 2050 elements, I obtain only 2046 values as an output… (see screenshot) this is strange since in other cases I can have 2067 elements and get 2067 values. Does Karamba automatically cull null values, or eliminate values which are equal? Can I stop it from doing this? I’m sure there’s quite a simple reason for this…but I can share my script if needed.

I appreciate any input!

Update: Files : https://we.tl/IEZ7Z9743A

Nobody can see from the screenshot what went wrong. Upload your Definition.
In the bottom, you trim tree and list item, may there something went wrong?

Apologies; my internet connection is terrible so it takes a long time to upload the files (see updated post above). Hope the definition allows you to better visualize the problem; it appears a bit random since as mentioned above, I repeat the same operations elsewhere without issue.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

Hi @nathan.stuckey
please see the reply on Karamba Deformation Energy Component - 2050 elements input, 2046 values given?


Apologies Matthew, I indeed saw your answer and had managed to figured things out. Thank you very much!