Kangroo mesh form finding with holes

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I am trying to simulate a tensile structure using Kangroo. In the example you can see that the structure I am trying to find has multiple holes (here 2).

My question is : in the picture (Q1.png) you see that when the solver finishes computing the points of the hole do not have the same Z cooridante. How can one make that happen ?

I have tried to remsh my trimmed surface with machine mesh , it looks cleaner but still same problem. In addition to that the mesh that I get from Machine mesh does not respect the same boundary that I have , How can that be fixed?

Thank you for helping in advance.

Capture screen|690x385

Question.3dm (236.6 KB) Question.gh (17.7 KB)

Hi @ahmadalhiyali,

Here are several changes to your definition.
I increased the strength of the OnCurve goal to 10000 to keep the points on the circles.
For the remeshing I’ve shown how to do it with the SimpleRemesh component.
To select which points to pull to the curves I’ve done it by finding the naked boundaries of the mesh, instead of just vertices within a distance threshold of the boundary center.
For the tensions I’ve set all the rest lengths to zero, and separated the edges into inner and outer, so you can adjust the 2 strength sliders to control boundary tension relative to the membrane tension to control the shape.
Doing it this way avoids the kinking you can get if you do it instead by adjusting positive rest lengths for the edges like you originally had it.

Question_Answer.gh (22.6 KB)

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Hi @DanielPiker

Thank you so much for your response. it is exactly what I was looking for. Great help !

Are you working on a primer for Kangroo?

The files on Github are great but maybe it would be great with a full overview of the plugin.

Thanks again ,