Kangaroo2 Solver doesn't work

I want to use Kangaroo2 solver & K2Engineerin, but it doesn’t work with the error, “1. Solution exception:Int32 is too big or too small”.

Any idea why?
I attached .gh file.
membrane_validation.gh (88.2 KB)

This looks like an issue with the use of the Convert.ToInt32 in K2E
@c.brandtolsen - is there any reason not to use (int)double here instead?

That’s a strange error, I’ve never experienced that before.

@DanielPiker you’re right, that’s probably a better way to convert the numbers to integers. I haven’t paid attention to it because it has never given me any problems (that I know of).

I notice that the model is in millimeters, right? Try to scale it to meters as K2E expects that (try to hover over the line input in the cable goal for example to check the expected units). Perhaps this is the reason why you get too big or too small values that cannot be converted correctly. Let me know if that doesn’t solve the problem.

I tried to scale it to meter, but I couldn’t solve the problem…
WindLoad&SnowLoad seemsto be too big value by using vector dispaly component.membrane_validation.gh (90.0 KB)

It should work now, see attached file.

The main problem was the cross section area that you provided to the cable goal, which was not in mm2. So essentially your membrane was super floppy and just disappeared under the applied loads.

I didn’t have the mesh machine installed, so I used another method to create a mesh from your brep. I’ve internalised it in the script but you might want to replace it with your method.

membrane_validation_v2.gh (108.6 KB)

Sorry for making a careless mistake…
I could work it!
Great thanks for @c.brandtolsen & @DanielPiker .

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