Kangaroo2 output does not work

I have a porbelm with the output form Kangaroo 2. I need a brep or surface from the Kangaroo form, so I can continue working with it. However, when I connect a List item, no information arrives. I want to put a diamond structure on the shape and need Kangaroo’s output for that. Also Ladybug does not work with the shape of kanragoo. Does anyone have a solution?

Shell_Structur_1_re.gh (81.2 KB)
Lageplan+Austockung.3dm (5.7 MB)

The Output is working as designed here - it gives an output tree matching the input to GoalObjects.
You have flattened the input, and are connecting the full list of resulting outputs (only one of which is a mesh) to the downstream mesh component, which gives an error because the types don’t match.

If you want to separate the result of the Show component, use Entwine and ExplodeTree instead like this:


Thanks for the answer. It works :slight_smile: