Kangaroo Textile Modeling: Chicken Vs. Egg... which comes first?

I am working on modeling some textile in Kangaroo for a tent I am working on. To construct this in reality, I cut out the fabric panels (eggs) and sew them together into the completed tent and get my final geometry (chicken). The egg comes before the chicken and I need to know the shape of the panels first.

But all the Kangaroo models and tutorials I have seen, they put the chicken before the egg; Model a tent shape, and then cut out the parts from it to get the shape of the panels to cut out.

This process is fine until you need to model the textile fiber characteristics (warp, weft, and bias stretch). Once you do that, you can’t really start with a nice, square mesh either, you now need to know the shape of the panels too. You are back to needing to have the egg first.

How do you go about modeling textile material for a tent (including the textile behavior) without having to also know the shape of the panels (which are what you are trying to solve for) first?

I would start with a triangulated mesh for form finding. Once the rough shape is found you can create a more accurate mesh with approximated material characteristics.