Kangaroo sphere deforming / inflation

Hey there,
Haven’t been using Grasshopper for a while and kangaroo even longer, … I found this script by Niklas Harmann I would like to update it to the latest components but somehow I don’t get it, Kangaroo changed a lot to me,… Hope you could bring me back on track.

Sphere Deforming Kangaroo.gh (17.0 KB)

I try to get a result like the second sphere from left, a very smooth deformation, …

Any help is appreciated, thank you!!

wrinkly.gh (19.7 KB)

Here’s an updated script.
By increasing the multiplier for the edge lengths and collision radius the surface area is increased, but the volume is maintained by a Volume goal.
In this example it is also kept close to the original sphere by a length goal connected to an anchor at the centre - turning this off gives more of a deflating effect.
You can get a wide range of effects by varying things like the amount of area increase, whether this increase is applied all at once or gradually, the mesh resolution and so on.

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Hey Daniel,

wow this is awesome! Thanks for your fast reply, it works like a charm! Also thanks for the Kangaroo Tool! Kangaroo is a game changer! Appreciate your work on this!!


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Great, my pleasure.
You can even replace the sphere with another geometry and create wrinkled textures on any shape

wrinkly_wrap.gh (69.0 KB)


Endless possibilities to wrinkle things right now! :+1: :partying_face: Thank You!