Kangaroo points repulse curves simulation

Hi all, I am trying to simulate using points to repulse curves and at the same time, curves won’t clash to each other. But I cannot find such a repulsive force component… what I want to achieve is, the repulsive pts would affect curves is close enough. I don’t think we should use the collider to achieve it because the repulsive force should be gradually decrease due to distance increase.
Does anyone did similar simulation?
Thanks for any suggestion
Pts repulse Crvs.gh (29.1 KB)

The effect would be similar to this…

this might be of interest:

Would this method work in your case?

A simple approach I’ve used to generate this effect is to tween between pairs of curves. Like so:

201201_TweeningBetweenSetsToFill_01.gh (9.1 KB)

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Cool, thanks Toni and Anders