Kangaroo plugin help

Is it possible to connect the kangaroo to a line that is not uniform in the Z axis? I am trying to build a roof for a structure that in some places becomes a wall and in some places connects to an existing wall. In addition, I have volumes that I am interested in wrapping. I am attaching pictures for clarification and the code I worked with. I would be very happy if you could help! Thank you!
OUTLINE.3dm (209.8 KB)
GH CODE.gh (29.3 KB)

Hi Almog,

I think i do not understand what you are looking for but Kangaroo works on meshes so if you create a mesh that follows those red contours and shrink it against the obstacles you will get the wrapping that you wont.

Maybe you need to place more of those green line curves so the surface/mesh that you create fits better the red line contour.