Kangaroo mesh

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Hello @DanielPiker
I had trouble making this mesh.model-k.gh (50.3 KB)

Solid collision requires a closed solid

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Thank you for your guidance
Is there a way for me to transfer this mesh to the case surface?

You can take a boolean union of your surface with a box to turn it into a solid.
I see the base curve is not completely flat though, so you need to move it down enough to put all of this curve below the top plane of the box.

Unfortunately I did not succeed.

model-k.gh (61.7 KB)

In your boolean union component, the inputs objects are on different branches, meaning they do not get joined. You need to flatten this input to turn them into a single solid.

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Sorry, How can I make edge meshes?

flatten mesh.gh (65.3 KB)

Like this?

flatten mesh.gh (74.3 KB)

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thanks you

Hello @DanielPiker good time
How can I remove very small triangular meshes?
And in some triangular meshes to connect points close together?
flatten mesh (1).gh (92.3 KB)