Kangaroo learning resources?

I was wondering, are there any Kangaroo learning resources? I am aware of some youtube videos that do very specific things and the examples on github: GitHub - Dan-Piker/Kangaroo-examples: Example grasshopper definitions for the Kangaroo plugin as well as the demo videos on Vimeo: Daniel Piker. Is there anything else that would help me cover all the basics for Kangaroo?

Search this (and the other - better by far but dead - old Forum): lot’s of cases around.

BTW: I assume that you are after solutions using components. If not (i.e. you can code in C#) Daniel has exposed the IGoals code in github.

Yes I am looking for tutorials using the components and how they work. Searching the forums to get a general understanding of things is a bit tricky, because the examples are always very specific. I do want to get a better base understanding first before diving into the advanced stuff.

Well … if you knew how to code … that would be 100% clear (everything is exposed in the IGoals code, meaning that Custom IGoals are also very easy etc etc).

But as things are … only practice (and Karma) could help you.