Kangaroo inside GH

Now the Kangaroo plugin is included in GH (Rhino) by default, right? Why 2?

Kangaroo 1 can still be installed in parallel, but I wouldn’t rely too hard on anything that needs it. It’s getting kinda old.

Getting old? That is, the developers have ceased to develop it? Did Rhino developers buy Kangaroo for development in Rhino?

Kangaroo 1 is “old”. Rhino6/GH is on Kangaroo 2.

// Rolf

It seems to understand, 1/2 is just a version of the plugin. And the plugin is embedded in Rhino by default.

@DanielPiker (developer of kangaroo) works for Mcneel and does more than just kangaroo there, I believe he is in Sub-d stuff also with the mesh fattener. K2 can do everything K1 can do but in a much faster way.


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In short, cool developers decided to join forces. And Rhino is becoming versatile with time. Thank! :slightly_smiling_face: