Kangaroo Inflate Script

Dear all,

Please could I ask for some assistance.

I have modified a typical Kangeroo inflate script. It has so much promise, but it is incredibly slow on my machine. I find this surprising as it is only inflating four meshes, and my machine doesn’t usually struggle with grasshopper scripts.

I also seem to be encountering problems when transitioning from applying the script to a planar surface to applying it to a curved one, like the one internalised.

Any pointers would be hugely appreciated.



ETFE Panels.gh (26.0 KB)

The problem is your surface is very large, and far away from rhino origin:

ETFE Panels_re.gh (40.1 KB)

Thanks for your reply!
Very helpful. I have re-internalised a more centralised and scaled down surface which has certainly made a big difference.
Unfortunately I amETFE Panels_new upload.gh (39.7 KB) still having problems. I’ve reduced the number of iterations with the threshold tool to improve performance, but I still can’t seem to increase the number of panels to larger numbers (5 and above) without the script failing.
Do you know why this might be?
All the best, and thanks already!