Kangaroo ImgCircle Packing - Circles Overlapping Part of Boundary Curve

This is nearly working nicely but the circles overlap the x-min side of the inner boundary curve…

Any idea how to prevent the circles overlapping the inner rectangular curve boundary on the x-min side?

ImgCircleBoundaryCurve.gh (16.9 KB)


I changed a few things…

  • The Offset Curve (used the standard one as I don’t have your custom plugin installed)
  • Reset the solver
    This was enough for me to get it working.

Then for sake of preventing possible errors later :

  • Added OnMesh to prevent some circles getting outside the borders
  • Changed the 2D Populate to Populate Geometry to avoid culling points (meaning whatever your initial points population is, you know exactly how many points get passed to Kangaroo)

ImgCircleBoundaryCurve.gh (19.8 KB)


Ah. thanks! I hadn’t realised I’d used Offset from a different plugin! I wish it was more obvious when you double click the canvas and select a component by typing!

Good tips for OnMesh and PopGeo!

I do get one odd circle in a circle where 2 points are close together and they get allocated a small and large circle before the solver runs but it’s no big deal.
(Doesn’t happen in your def tho!) - Ah… CullIndex… this needs to be -1 if you merge the goals in a different order (ImgCircle then OnMesh)