Kangaroo force objects error

Hi, I followed a tutorial that connected a mesh from Rhino to springsfrommesh, and then to force objects in kangaroo physics. However, I learned that its no longer available on Rhino 6 and edgelengths is the substitute but when I connected it to force object, there was an error. What did I do wrong and how to fix it? Thank you in advance!
The error message is: An invalid type was connected to the Force objects input, check item

Hi @user315

That’s the old solver component. When using EdgeLengths you need to also use the Kangaroo2 solver.

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Thank you so much! But the old solver has anchor points and geometry, may I know what’s the equivalent for those in the new one?

Anchor and Show(used to show geometry) go into the GoalObjects input now:

You can find some more example files with the current version here:

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Okay thank you so much for the help!

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