Kangaroo bug: Volume goal doesn't update when mesh input changes

I’m trying to work with closed minimal surfaces and I think the Volume goal has an issue: when the input mesh changes it doesn’t work right until I make and connect a fresh Volume. It looks like it holds onto some state from the old mesh, if I restore the previous input then it works again.

Pretty pls fix?

Volume goal bug.gh (12.4 KB)

Hi @Bathsheba,

Thanks for the report. I just committed a fix for this - I think it got in just under the wire for the service release update which should be going out later today.
Until then though, a workaround quicker than placing a new component is to select the component and do Ctrl-X,Ctrl-Z, to delete and replace it, which is enough to clear the wrongly stored state.

There’s also a volume option on the LiveSoap goal, but that does alter the mesh connectivity as it runs, which might not be what you are after.
Volume_LiveSoap.gh (10.0 KB)

Thank you, great to know you’re on it!
I have to admit I switch pretty freely between LiveSoap, SoapFilm, and plain old edge springs, depending what’s best at the moment.

PS will RemeshByColour someday work as well as TriRemesh?
we are all still pining away for MeshMachine…