Kangaroo Articulation from Triangles

Hi everyone,

I am not really familiarized with Kangaroo, so I was hoping you guys could give me some insight into how to create articulations.

I have this system where each mid point of the triangles is an articulation that can be moved either positively or negatively towards the center.

The thing is that this does not truly represent a mechanical system in real life, for the edges increase in length when an articulation is moved instead of remaining constant.

How can I translate this system into Kangaroo so that it functions as in real life?

triangles articulations.gh (33.0 KB)

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articulation.gh (14.2 KB)

This maintains the line segment lengths. I’m guessing though maybe you want some other constraints on this thing, since it seems very flexible with only this…
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Hi Daniel, thank you, that seems wonderfully simple!

I tried it and it definitely does seem too flexible. I actually would like to be able to control those mid points the way they are in my original def, preferably with a slider that has a maximum length allowed and a fixed direction: towards or away from the center of each triangle.

Also, I feel that right now it is way too flexible because moving certain articulations provokes others ones to move when they actually have no reason to do so.

Here for example you move away the big blue arrow and mysteriously (I say mysteriously because I am imagining this as actually constructed articulations) those two inner articulations move too.

Now that I realize, outside articulations (the ones that connect more than two rods) should not be able to move by their own means, but instead move as a reaction of the inner articulations (no more than two rods) moving.

articulation_re.gh (26.9 KB)

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Thank you @Mahdiyar! That looks nice. Do you think it would be possible to use sliders to move the articulations? And have inside articulations move one at a time? Right now I see that when you move one articulation many move at the same time.