Kangaroo and Galapagos preset elevation for the mesh

Hello Guys

Please help us with the help of kangaroos 2 galapagos to build a definition, you need to create a mesh of a certain height using kangaroos 2 and galapagos?
in other words, you need to raise the grid so that the highest peak of the grid is at a given elevation?

kangaroo_galapagos.gh (13.6 KB)

You need to use k2 zombie solver. It will run every time galopagos changes slider values from 0 to n iterations.

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Thank you very much for the answer
Do you happen to have an example of how this k2 zombie solver works with the galapagos?

I am sure that @AndersDeleuran used k2 with galopagos quite a lot.

The procedure is standard as with other components. Number Sliders change for instance load or spring force, those sliders are genomes. And in the k2 zombie solver output you measure for instance the height of mesh or closest distance from mesh to certain point which is your search criteria.