Kangaroo 1 Springs Tool No Longer Available in Kangaroo 2 to Create Centenary Curves

Hi All,

I have been trying to recreate some Centenary Curves in Kangaroo 2 to no avail.
I was able to do this simply before using “Lines From Springs” component. I have been out of the game for a bit so it might have gotten even more simple.
Does anyone have a workaround as to how to re-script this process.

Thank you

You mean Centenary–> Catenary ?

CatenaryK2_re.gh (12.3 KB)


Yes Catenary :slight_smile: that was my auto correct. This is wonderful thanks. I was setting the output to data and not getting anything.

Perhaps you need the grasshopper version of the curve downstream, but if you only looking to generate a catenary curve in Rhino, there is now a Catenary command in V6.