K2Engineering installation issue on Rhino 6

Hello everybody,

I’m having difficulty with installing K2Engineering. I’ve been looking at this and it hasn’t been working.

When I open Grasshopper I get this message:

The K2Engineering Component Library was build against a newer minor version of the Grasshopper SDK:

Local SDK = 6.12.19029.6381
Referenced SDK = 6.13.19058.371

Does anyone know how to deal with this?

It looks like you just need to update to a current service release

Hello Daniel,

Thank you. What program exactly should I be updating?

Rhino. Choose ‘Check for updates’ from the help menu

Thank you Daniel, but why wouldn’t it work with the older versions of K2Engineering as well?

Hi - why wouldn’t what work?
And which older version of K2Engineering are you referring to? Did you install an older version of K2E and if so, which error are you getting then?

did you solved the problem ?
i have same