Just wondering if anyone can share a recipe for baked fried eggs


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Sunny side up or over-easy?

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regardless … the secret is the proper oil.

Eggs_V1.gh (116.7 KB)


I’d go for butter!


Try Mobil 1 : the only synthetic stuff that cuts the mustard properly.

Eggs_V1A.gh (118.0 KB)

Fried, I think…
As long as it looks like the little egg icon :slight_smile:

One baked egg, coming up.

baked egg


That works.

Where’s the bacon?


Well, I’m not sure we should push our luck quite that much.

if we were to push it, i’d also push for some beans accompanied by sausages, toast and orange juice.

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Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-21 um 15.29.57

ironically the baked egg looks quite a bit like a toast also. i wonder if that was intentionally, intuitively or just plain accidentally. @DavidRutten anything you can comment on that? i actually always wondered.

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Maaan, your avatar has been in a state of shame for over ten years now … can we help you feel better ?

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Nope, spanish extra virgin olive oil

Only that I wasted about a whole day trying to draw icons of bread and cake and rolls and pies and they all looked terrible.


Eeg Florentine Pizza ( …From Pinterest )
Better original !

ever thought about something clay like, like a vase? ok that might be used somewhere already, i dont mind the egg, it is understandable. actually the egg not only reminds me of toast but also looks a little like a bulldog, with a kinky ear.

before you get hooked up once more trying to draw some icon, give the community a chance, a topic with a little competition, there are sure quite a few including me who are professionally trained in graphic design. might be a fun project, or a making it together remix kind of thing.