Just which command for this simple multiple surface fillet?

I am still totally baffled by how I need to select 2 surfaces for the first ‘pick’ then 3 for the second pick to get a fillet from A B C D E,
as soon as I select two surfaces on the cube it (FilletSrf) fillets them !

I cannot see Multiple Fillets choice anywhere. in my mind it would be multiple surfaces !

SteveFillet ABCDE requires selecting multiple surfaces.3dm (78.2 KB)

Hi Steve - you run the command multiple times - one for each pair of surfaces. Basically forget about solids here - explode and deal with each surface as you need it.

Fillet ABCDE requires selecting multiple surfaces_PG.3dm (109.4 KB)

FilletSrfs, Revolves, Trims, Joins…


run filletSrf I selected the face of the cube then the arced edge (had previously used filletEdge on as it was a solid).
got a fillet.
I ran command again and selected that same cube face as the first surface for the next part of the fillet but it wouldnt select it.

video attached, runs with a browser.

file>open etc.

2018-12-19_0000_fail_to_select_surface.zip (3.3 MB)