Just updated Rhino 6. Now license server is taking forever to login and grab my license

Has anyone else updated their Rhino 6 this evening? I did. Fortunately, I had several instances open for various files that I’m working on. The problem is that I cannot open a new instance for additional files to manipulate for CAM programming. I re-entered my license into the licensing server but it just spins the cursor.

Am I the unfortunate goblin or are there others experiencing this?
I guess that I’ll leave my box on over night to make sure that I can just open files from the already open instances.




Can you post or send me a screenshot of the issue you are describing?


Hi Andres,

I figured it out. I had several instances of Rhino open when I did the update. Because of that, I was unable to start a new instance of V6.By closing the other instances, I was able to open new instances with the update. Short story, shut down Rhino before updating and restarting with an update.

Thanks for responding! You guys have excellent support!


I’m glad to hear it works now!

Me Too! I’m under deadline to deliver a physical model on Friday. We’re milling and printing parts as fast as we can lol!