Just moved to Rhino 8 - Noticed two things

One (minor annoyance): when I F6 a camera object handle, I find that sometime I can’t unselect it and then re-select another handle - of course this has an easy fix - just un-reveal the camera (using F6) and then re-expose it with another F6 key.

Two (bigger): I’m using the new render (and I’ve been using the rhino renderer since Flamingo was de-commissioned at version 7). The renders are much darker than in version 7. Did the material palette change, is the lighting model different (solvable by increasing the intensity of the lights)? I also noticed that early-stage renders are coming in “putty-like” whereas in version 7 they appeared “grainy”.

This has a certain importance since I’m using Rhino to model my apartment renovation and I need “white oak floors” to look like White Oak Floors and I don’t want white walls looking yellow.


@Edward_Leibnitz You may receive replies sooner if you do two separate posts with titles specific to each questions.

See if these settings in the R8 render panel are different from the ones you have in R7:


Thanks-will check

Rhino 8.4 service release candidate has already a bunch of fixes. And next week, if all goes well, Rhino 8.5 service release candidate should become available, which has even more good fixes for Rhino Render and Raytraced.

OH yeah that fixed it - My number was something like 1.10.


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