Just got WIN rhino! In JP it was 20%off and some tutorial books for grasshopper


I don’t see too many sales so went for it.
Started using WIN Rhino at work but, finding the UI to be a bit mind twisting.
Wanna get used to it at home use as well.
Just need a good laptop to take around now…


Proud of you Toshiaki!!




Was using macRhino and just need to get used to WIN ver. Looking forward to all the plugins!!!


anyway who needs plugins when you have a mac :blush:


Will be still using mac feels more intuitive :wink:
Just need faster learning of windows for my job.
90days free use is alright, but 20%off deal now comes with win rhino tutorial book and grasshopper tutorial book!


and you get the possibility to play with wip 6 of rhino.

but i am interested why you say the UI is mind twisting, are you a beginner? i must say about 8 years ago when i just started using rhino having also no cad experience i tried to compare it with illustrator or 3d applications like C4D, but after a few hours of riding it i got fond of its versatile and precise way of working and even prefer to make 2d vektor works here than in illustrator for instance


Intermediate user I suppose but I got so used to mac rhino so the change to win rhino UI takes a bit used to. Either that or I played around with my mac rhino settings which I may need to do similar with win rhino.


ic, well the mac version aligned over the years from how i see it, so it might not take too long. but anyway enjoy your pre xmas gift and dont skip reading that grasshopper book :wink: