Just for curiosity,is the author of GH is David Rutten only one?

i began to use grasshopper from 2009,i like gh,and this question always around me, it seems David is the only author but i feel program grasshopper is a huge task,i guess it seems may be finished by several person. i am not sure…

David previously stated, maybe in April, that he’s currently one of two persons working on Grasshopper 2. The other person is helping him with texts and documentation as far as I remember. I don’t know if this still holds up, so take it with a grain of salt.
There are many cool software projects that are maintained by only very few people though, not to diminish David’s opus magnum.


I remember steve(?) is helping with GH for Mac

Yeah the second person is a linguist to help create a consistent terminology throughout.

another question: how long time David Rutten finished the first edition grasshopper(the first edition GH released in 2007)?

I remember (from another thread), that he claimed it took him 2 weeks to build the first prototype, which basically did all the core logic you still use nowadays. However, the complexity of Grasshopper is probably not wrapping Rhinocommon into boxes on a canvas, but essentially all the work around that. Probably, like in any software project, the majority of work is related to all these details a user usually won’t notice.
As a developer, sometimes you also don’t see what has been changed in retrospective, unless you are comparing the “first edition” with your latest build.

dear @DavidRutten
a lot of guessing in this topic - can you give the forum some insights please ? thx, kind regards -tom