Just extrusion has white edge yet no curves using FlowAlongSrf

working in shaded view.
extruded my drawn by hand stencilling , 0.002 inch outwards from surface.
then run
FlowAlongSrf and although layer its on is white, it shows very pale grey with white edges.
It is purely extrusion., no curves that I selected.

How do I get rid of the visual white edges ? and also make it white ?

and if I open it in Rhino 7 its better but not white and visible in an end dome, though the dome doesnt stick out beyond the cylinder. Also streaks of a lighter nature move to and fro over it all.


Hi Steve -

In any shaded mode, lighting will affect the final color of any surface. You’d have to use an emissive material and use a Rendered display mode for something to become completely white.

That sounds like z-fighting on objects that are occupying the same space…

Z fighting not occuring in rhino 5.
the surface is singular no clones or anything to cause Z fighting.
the white edge of all the text is not there in Rhino 7.
The glasslike reflections and object seen within is as shown, not in Rhino 5.

so 5 no use for the way drawn items appear on surface, giving them a much lighter edge when they have no edge line, just an extrusion.

is there anything I can do to make the extrusion lose that edge colour ?

if I make it another colour it still has a notable brighter edge line to what are just extrusions, no edge curves.

Surely solids lying on a surface should not have bright edge lines ?

crazy edge colours

Can’t show this to client.

and just what is 7 doing to give a glasslike image in shaded mode with what appears to be the object repeated on the inside and at same time many streaks moving about, all linear front to back of cylinder item running over straps not just on cylinder ?

7 is a mess.

I see the glasslike wierd thing is suggested a fix here:-


Can you at least post the sphere, one text stencil, and a conflicting “streaky” surface as a minimum example?

I don’t think if you post these items only with different generic names that anyone is going to steal a sphere.

Also, if this is shaded mode, does your client care about viewport viewing? Do they not like rendered or raytraced modes?