JSONDecodeError when using CreateBooleanUnion for curves

Previously my code created a boolean union between curves but it now seems to fail with no apparent changes made.

I am getting the error: JSONDecodeError(‘Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)’) Does any one else experence this problem? Is this like to do with my authentication token?

Any help appreciated,

Hi @AliLee,

Can we assume you are using Rhino.Compute?

– Dale

Hi @dale

I am using Rhino Compute and trying to run compute_rhino3d.Brep.JoinBreps.
I am getting a similar error

JSONDecodeError : Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

not sure why. Can you please point me to the right direction?
Also, i dont know what i can share with you so that the same error can be recreated in your machine.


@Anuj_Mittal and @AliLee How are you making your calls Brep.JoinBreps and/or union curves? Is this through Hops? Or are you writing a custom application which is making specific calls to rhino.compute? Are you using your own version of rhino.compute? Or are you using the default application? If there is a simplified example that you could post, that would be extremely helpful.

Hi @AndyPayne ,

  1. I am running a local compute server which opens whenever we open grasshopper with Hops installed.

  2. testing a web based custom application to read rhino geometry and do some geometry manipulations.

  3. When making a simplified version to post here, compute_rhino3d.Brep.JoinBreps works perfectly fine. The error must be in some geometric manipulation code that I am working on.

I will recheck my work again.